Weekly News Round-Up (January 29, 2018)


Florida House of Rep, Amber Mariano, introduced a new Bill to try and help patients wrongfully injured in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Florida.  The most notable amendments would be the following:

(1) Mandatory $2 million insurance coverage per claim and $4 million annual aggregate.  This insurance policy would not be a “wasting” or depleting policy.

(2) Punitive Damages: If a punitive damages judgment was issued by a jury, the claimant (i.e. the injured party) would be able to receive 90% of the punitive portion.  Presently, the claimant only gets 50% as the remaining portion goes to a Long Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund (which is already over-funded, see more in our post).

(3) Insurance Companies will be required to report nursing home personal injury claims to the Office of Insurance.

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Weekly News Round-Up (November 12, 2017)

An investigation by CBS12 in West Palm Beach has revealed that nursing home abuse cases are not being properly reported to the police.  Plus, they dive into a tragic story of nursing home abuse at Lake Worth Manor which now operates under the name Oasis Health and Rehabilitation located in Lake Worth, Florida. Check out the latest breaking news piece below:


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Weekly News Roundup (October 8, 2017)

This week’s news roundup: Former Manor Care Nursing Home CEO wants to receive $100 MILLION dollars despite potential bankruptcy.  Read about Manor Care’s legal troubles.

Also, is Florida’s Elder Care Ombudsman under fire for not recommending nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect investigations to the State?  We look into this important news story.

Finally, we look into how Florida nursing homes are changing the way they get paid for treating Medicaid Patients.  Will this be better or worse for Nursing Homes in Florida?  Read what is being proposed.

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Weekly News Roundup (September 30, 2017)

This week’s news round-up includes an update on the nursing home wrongful deaths in Broward County, Florida as well as breaking news on facilities being suspended, including Floridian Gardens Assisted Living Facility in Miami, Florida.  Additionally, we highlight Boulevard Manor Nursing Home in Boynton Beach, Florida who dealt with similar wrongful deaths due to lack of air conditioning.

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Florida Nursing Home Ratings: Palm Beach County’s Worst Safety Scores

Comparing Nursing Homes in Palm Beach County can be difficult.  As a result, NextGen Injury Law developed a complete list of Nursing Home Safety Scores, which can be accessed here.

Each nursing home page provides you with important information, including the number of lawsuits filed against the facility, the specific allegations of negligence, and a list of nursing home ratings by other critics.

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