Adult Day Care Centers and Adult Family-Care Homes are a type of assisted care communities offered in Florida. Both types of facilities are regulated by the State of Florida and the community must be licensed to operate in Florida.

We explain the difference between the two:


  • “Adult Day Care” is a temporary facility that provides social activities for those who are elderly. It is not a permanent home for that person. An Adult Day Care Center provides elderly individuals with social/health activities and services, self-care training, rest, nutritional services, and respite care.


  • Adult Family-Care Home is different as it provides individuals with a full time, family type living arrangement, in a private home with room, board, and personal care on a 24-hour basis. An Adult Family-Care Home cannot have more than five disabled adults or frail elders (who are not relatives) living in the home and the person providing the care must also live in the home. As can be expected, individuals residing in an Adult Family-Care Home are going to need much more supervision and care since they are full-time residents. As a result, Florida requires that the residents at these communities receive an agreement outlining the level of care that is to be provided and the amount of charges to be expected.