Elder Planning Packet


In addition to representing those injured due to neglect in Florida, our goal is help Florida citizens with the transition into senior living.

We have provided Florida citizens with a free elder planning packet that includes the following items:

(1) a durable power of attorney form,

(2) a health surrogate form, and

(3) a living will form.

In our packet, we explain what each of these forms accomplish and how to properly fill them out.  Please take the time to read the packet and if you have questions, you can always contact us and we can help guide you.

If you are looking for help in completing a durable power of attorney form, please visit here which also has our step-by-step guide in completing the durable power of attorney form.

Disclaimer:   Please note that supplying this free packet does not establish an attorney-client relationship.  If you seek to have a lawyer review and/or assist you in completing these forms, please contact us at NextGen Injury Law and we would be happy to discuss how we may be able to help you.